Full Circle

Grace McNally presents Full Circle, a dynamic musical journey through West Africa, the Carolina low country and Central/South America. As featured on TEDx, this project features re-imagined fusion of Afro-Brazilian, West African and southern music traditions to create a uniquely quilted cultural mosaic of the Americas. Bandleader and classically trained guitarist Grace McNally seamlessly blends genres and cultures with her arrangements, original music and interpretations of jazz standards, gospel and folk songs. These styles 're-emerge' as a new sound reflecting the cultural and musical narrative of the Lowcountry and the Americas. Featuring The Plantation Singers, a world renowned Gullah gospel a capella group and highly acclaimed musicians from the holy city - this ensemble’s performances have been described as captivating and imaginative, as audiences journey pass-port free through the rich cultural landscapes of West Africa and the Americas.


The Plantation Singer (vocals & percussion)

Gino Castillo (vocals & percussion)

Jonathan Lovett (bass & organ)

Marcus Amaker (spoken word)

Ron Wiltrout (percussion)

Abdiel Iriarte (piano)

Brett Belanger (bass)

Tim Khayat (bass)


Grace McNally


Full Circle Highlight Reel

Full Circle at TEDx

Full Circle led by Grace McNally featuring The Plantation Singers, Gino Castillo, Tim Khayat and Abdiel Iriarte at TEDX Charleston.

Give Me Water

Rooted in West African folk music traditions, Give Me Water incorporates kora inspired instrumentation, Brazilian and Gullah rhythms and gospel vocals.

Music by Grace McNally

Videography by Taylor Hickman

All The Things You Are

Arranged by Baden Powell as heard on Full Circle by Grace McNally

Featuring Ron Wiltrout on drums and Brett Belanger on bass

Directed and filmed by Taylor Hickman

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